Upgrade to D80 from D70?

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Re: Upgrade to D80 from D70?

I had a D70 until Monday when I shipped it off to an out of state friend who bought it. I bought the D80 and am very happy.

There were several posts initially about how the D80 was only really an upgrade from the D50 but that the next logical step from the D70 was the D200. I agree in part because the D80 isn't a totally different camera. The D200 is - faster FPS, weather resist body,etc. But, the D80 seemed like a nice midstep to me. The D70 is $500 used (body only), the D80 is $1000 (same), and the D200 is $1700 (same) - so to me it's priced right in the middle too.

I will be honest and say that in looking at the pics between the D70 and D80 on the computer, I couldn't really tell any significant difference. I mean, for 4MP more you might expect a BIG difference, and there really isn't any - until you zoom in! Then you can really see a lot more detail. What is almost indistinguishable from the D70 is much easier to see on the D80.

I used the D80 for 10 days before deciding to ship off the D70. I loved my D70 and it was hard to part with her. But after using the D80 I couldn't imagine going back. Just looking at the viewfinder and LCD was difficult - they were so tiny after getting used to the D80.

I think the White Balance is more accurate on the D80, but what is really nice to me is the ISO. I always hesitated to go up to 800 on the D70 and I don't even think about it on the D80. in fact, one of the awesome features on the D80 is that you can set the ISO to Auto but tell it the maximum ISO allowed and when to "kick into" auto mode. So mine is always set to ISO 100, unless the shutter speed drops below 1/30 - then the camera knows its allowed to go up to ISO 800 to get a better shutter speed. How is that for smart! And I have taken pics at 1600, run them through noise ninja, and they are beautful.

I also love the 11 point AF, which I think is better and faster.

Basically, the D80 is not a "must" upgrade from the D70 because the D70 is a very competent camera (as is the D50 for the price). But if you have the funds, I believe the D80 is worth the difference. I sold my D70 for $600 (body only) so to me it was a $400 upgrade - and worth every penny...


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