Upgrade to D80 from D70?

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Re: Upgrade to D80 from D70?

I did because I wanted it,

The D70 is a better camera than I am a photographer. However, I wanted a 'lazier' camera---better out of camera jpg, less pp'n pictures, pics with more 'pop' without too much work.

I was just about to get a D50 for the 'pop' and high iso, when the D80 info was leaked.

So..I waited and then got the D80.

D80 is 'tuned' more as a consumer camera vs the D70. There seems to be more saturation and exposure. The pictures are brighter and have stronger colors. The D70 defaults give a more 'dull' picture, which is good data for pp'n; the D70 tries to not blow highlights.

The D70 has slightly better grip feel than D80. The D80 sucks down its battery much quicker than D70. With the D70, I never felt I needed a back up battery (not a professional photographer). However, I am going to order an extra battery for the D80. The batter runs down pretty quick even with casual shooting.

The D80's extra buttons and the custom button are great. I had to get used to the location of the delete button on the D80, and pic view/data overlay are opposites on the D80 vs D70.

The D80 definitely has better WB than D70, and the high ISO is very good. Also, I wanted the extra MP. The reviews so far on the D80 are very positive. You will not regret buying the D80.

The irony of all of this is I ordered some 'digital' photography books. I have skimmed the books and most say use RAW or jpg with the lowest sharpening and lowest contrast...etc. In others words, start with the best data (usually a 'dull' looking picture) and PP the images. If I wanted to do that, I could have just stayed with the D70. Talk about 'full circle.'

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