4G SD Card for D80

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Re: 4G SD Card for D80

I got the new Panasonic 4GB SDHC card with my new D80 and it works great with 5 MB/s xfer speed. It cost $220 USD though I should have bought several cheaper but decent 2GB cards instead.

I print large format so have been using fine mode JPEG 4.5 to 5 mb images. I have a 512 MB old sd card that I used yesterday and it can only hold around 60 or so of the large images. I need to make sure I have allot of memory before going out to shoot, as I lost alot of important images while trying to make room when I ran outta card space.

Also the SDHC card is not recognised in my rather new card reader either, have to plug into the D80 to transfer images so need to manage my battery power mind you, as I don't have ac power yet. I wish the camera could use the usb power when plugged into a pc, that would be cool.


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