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like a user wrote:

I m not knocking why people want big cameras.For me, big
viewfinders I want ! But to carry a "brick" up a mountain ... Nah

Later in your post you said the keyword - tradeoff. I'm sure most people wouldn't take an Eos 1Ds on their travels (Although I know someone who actually does). Personally I like the D50 size.

The D80 is great I m very impressed, it s compact and they ve
crammed a lot into it .For travel it s just the right trade off ,
of weight / size to features. The top lcd is crowded and I m sure
the 200 is easier to see at a glance but that s my only minor
gripe. I can nearly buy two for the price of a D200 now that allows
me to get one stepped on by an elephant...Don t laugh it happened
to my Canon T90 ! I taped it together it worked for the rest of the

Hahahaha, interesting story!

Ergonomics are great, the delete button has a ridge, so in the dark
you can find it and know it s the delete.Or vice versa when you DON
T want to hit delete.

Good to hear that. I was a little worried about the change of the button's position.

Editing is a fast two thumb process.
Iif you can t get a good shot it aint gonna be the D80s fault.....
Enjoy the wait.


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