D80 Feel: Questions

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Re: D80 Feel: Questions

I can symphatize, raid, I went from a D70 to a D50. At first the D50 seemed awkward and I felt like I would never get used to it, but then when I got back to grabbing a D70, it felt oversized in comparison. As for size, my pinky still has some wiggle room on the D50 In fact it's just about right, my only gripe is that the D50 grip feels like a simple cylindrical form that didn't care much about fitting to the contours of my hand.

raid123 wrote:

I had a D70, and the D80 definitely didn't feel as good. They
chopped off just enough off the bottom of the camera that my pinky
wasn't well supported, and I don't have a big hand. It's not
horrendous by any means and I'm sure one can get used to it, but if
you're coming from a D70, the difference may be apparent, depending
on how you hold the camera.

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