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Re: D80 Feel: Questions

It feels fine, it s not a D2x or a FM3 but it doesn t feel tacky...

I find it strange that after all the years of film slrs desperately trying to get smaller and the accolades that both Pentax and Olympus got when then went small.

Look at the F2 without a Photomic head, or Leicas! How did all those big "handed" Vietnam photogs manage ? And I don t think they strapped motors on when they were stumbling thru jungles...

I m not knocking why people want big cameras.For me, big viewfinders I want ! But to carry a "brick" up a mountain ... Nah

The D80 is great I m very impressed, it s compact and they ve crammed a lot into it .For travel it s just the right trade off , of weight / size to features. The top lcd is crowded and I m sure the 200 is easier to see at a glance but that s my only minor gripe. I can nearly buy two for the price of a D200 now that allows me to get one stepped on by an elephant...Don t laugh it happened to my Canon T90 ! I taped it together it worked for the rest of the trip....

Ergonomics are great, the delete button has a ridge, so in the dark you can find it and know it s the delete.Or vice versa when you DON T want to hit delete.
Editing is a fast two thumb process.
Iif you can t get a good shot it aint gonna be the D80s fault.....
Enjoy the wait.


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