The Dell Lottery-I lost!

Started Sep 18, 2006 | Discussions thread
Daniel Browning Senior Member • Posts: 1,058
I'm playing the HP lottery this week.

Motordrive wrote:

Is there an option in the sub-$400 class, either
conventional 19" or wide-screen 20"? All the other 20" S-IPS wide
screens that have been mentioned are, as I remember, much more
expensive. Even with it's S-PVA screen, it may still be the best
20" wide screen for under $400?

PictureLake and I have been harrassing HP for a few days to get the straight dope on the panel type of the LP2065, without success. You can read the sob story in an adjacent thread:

As it says, a Czech gentleman cracked his open and found a really nice S-IPS... the same model as the one used in the $1000 NEC LCD, in fact (although perhaps with more dead pixels).

So I decided to play the HP lottery: I ordered the $390 HP LP2065 (20" 4:3) just today. When I receive it I will crack it open and let you know what it has.

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