All-in-1 software to download,convert,edit,print,archive... pics

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All-in-1 software to download,convert,edit,print,archive... pics

Can anyone tell me if an all-in-one digicam software exists? I mean a proram for downloading, rotating, converting, editing, printing, archiving (…) digicam pictures.

When you take pictures with your digicam, you have to perform several tasks after you have pressed the shutter release button. You have to

  • Download the pictures to your computer using a program or a card reader

  • Eventually rotate pictures (IrfanView lossless rotation)

  • Eventually convert RAW-pictures (BreezeBrowser)

  • Put the pictures in separate folders on your hard disk

  • Eventually batch rename pictures (Xmas2001_001, Xmas2001_002,…)

  • Edit pictures (PSP, Photoshop…)

  • Compare 2 or more pictures with each other in order to select the best and delete the rest

  • Write comments in order to retrieve pictures afterwards

  • Make a slideshow (IrfanView) (or even a screensaver) of a selection of pictures

  • Burn this slideshow (give to family) or selection (archiving purpose) on a CD-ROM

  • Make a HTML file as index to this CD-ROM

  • Print index print

  • Print selected pictures, possibilty to print several pictures on 1 A4-paper (2x pic A, 1x pic B and 1 x pic C) (PSP)

  • Find the picture of the moon you took some time ago. It may be on your hard disk or on CD-ROM. (iMatch)

There are programs that perform 1 or more of these tasks (Breezebrowser, PSP, ThumbsPlus, Fotostation, Qimage, iMatch, IrfanView, ACDSee, SmartPix, DigiVital...). But is there a single program out there that does all these things? If this does not exist, how can you limit the number of programs? Which programs should this be then? I suppose this would mean at least two programs: one for the editing and one for the other tasks?

THX for your response!

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