G2 vs. Nikon 5000 with studio flash

Started Jan 7, 2002 | Discussions thread
Stuart Robins Regular Member • Posts: 136
Re: G2 vs. Nikon 5000 with studio flash

Or even better (and cheaper) buy a hotshoe to PC adaptor for about $10 and plus your studio strobes into it.

  • Stuart

gary ng wrote:
Yes. Just buy the most cheapo canon flash(the lower the power the
better), with no E-TTL(may be some EZ or A models) and use it as a
trigger for other strobes.

CJB wrote:

I was ready to order the Nikon5000 but have heard many negative
comments and am now I considering a G2.
One of the biggest priorities is the ability to use the camera in
the studio with external flash.
Can a G2 be used with studio flash?

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