Lens hoods fall off

Started Sep 19, 2006 | Discussions thread
Doehns Veteran Member • Posts: 3,029
Re: Lens hoods fall off

Hmm-sorry, but I do not understand your post- did you really find out how to use them after 2.8 years, or are you making fun of my suggestions?

I try to make my suggestions as polite as I can, as I had to learn it the hard way , that Americans took my straight to the point evaluations of the facts(nothing more, nothing less-just the data needed and my interpretation-hmm would You have guessed that I am German?) for ignorance. I left very precise messages on answering machines of service personal- and I was surprised, that they never called me back.

I had to sugarecoat my messages, until they did understand my problem-and finally called me back....hmm-still strange, but I had to swallow that frog.

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