ACR: LX2 Sensor Less Noisy Than LX1?

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ACR: LX2 Sensor Less Noisy Than LX1?

I just converted two pairs of ISO 400 RAW files: one daylight pair from the LX1 and LX2 and a night pair. The LX1 and LX2 images were taken within minutes of each other and at the exact same exposure. I though using Adobe Camera Raw 3.5 to convert both files would allow for better comparisons than using Silkypix 2.0SE and E.

In order to compare the output from the two sensors, I set luminance smoothing and colour noise reduction to zero. I also set sharpness to zero, so that I wouldn’t be sharpening noise. I set the curve to „linear“ and left all other settings at their default levels.

The LX1 crops have been upressed using „bicubic“ to the same size as the LX2 crops (110%).

I expected a somewhat more overall noise in the LX2 images. Yet, the LX1 images seem to have significantly more noise. Did I make a mistake in my conversions? Could ACR 3.5 be converting the files from the LX1 and the LX2 differently despite the noise reduction and sharpening settings being set to zero?

I’ve posted the full size 3840x2160 (LX1) and 4224x2376 (LX2) pixel ACR conversions of the night image at the bottom of my gallery:

I would be interested in hearing your ideas.
Maybe some ACR 3.5 ISO 80/100 conversions will also be useful.

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