The Dell Lottery-I lost!

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Re: The Dell Lottery-I lost!

kenw wrote:

Awwww, that's a bummer. Well PVA is still a very good technology
for photo editing, though various people claim S-IPS is better.
Still, I know how you must feel. This panel lottery business is
really lame.

If you do want to get rid of your Dell you can certainly try
calling and being very insistant (can I talk to your supervisor and
so on and so forth). If you don't get satisfaction just try 10
hours later on a different shift. It won't cost you anything to

Otherwise, just start enjoying your new monitor!

Oh, and do the rest of the world a favor and post your discovery to:

That is a very uptodate buyers guide and it'll keep others from
rediscovering the wheel as it were...
Ken W

Hi kenw.

I just looked at that site for the very first time and it already lists both S-IPS and S-PVA panels for the 2007WFP. If I'd seen it before I certainly wouldn't have ordered the Dell.

You're right though, the monitor looks OK, has no pixel problem and photos come up really well. Over the next week or so I'll check out how closely my prints match the monitor image. If I have to do some profiling that'll keep me too busy to worry about panel types!

I'll take your advice and use and enjoy it. After all, it's only a monitor! Sob, Sob.
Regards, Don.

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