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For Dick re time on (y)our hands

with regard to your remark :

YES. You have entirely too much time on your hands.

I would say :

So have YOU apparently, because the time you spent reading this and writing your message must only be marginally more than the time I spent on my little investigation! May I suggest (to maybe make you feel happy, for example) that you have a good look at Malcy's" A trip to the forest with my A620" in this forum which is a RARE lesson in beauty if ever there was one - and a useful lesson too, surely, because there are so many BORING photos around, aren't there? which, even if they give pleasure to the person who shot them, (at least let's hope so - if not...)they mostly make people just yawn! All this brings to mind Spinoza's famous words : "all things excellent are as dificult as they are rare".

Let's - all we poor human beings - try and have a good day!!

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