The Dell Lottery-I lost!

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The Dell Lottery-I lost!

After weeks of reading posts regarding the Dell 2007WFP Wide Screen monitor I bit the bullet and made my purchase. It arrived today and when I was fitting the base I noticed that the back of the monitor, under the mount, was marked 2007WFPb, which started me wondering.

Bringing up the service Menu I found that it is fitted with a Samsung S-PVA panel, LTM201M1 and not the S-IPS panel I expected.

Although the monitor shows a picture that looks pretty good out of the box and I don’t really have a problem with angles in my normal sitting position, I’m a bit disappointed that all the reading and research didn’t help me get a monitor with a S-IPS panel.

In all my reading I didn't come across anyone who bought the 2007WFP and found it to have a panel other than S-IPS. Did I miss something? Am I the first to report a S-PVA panel in a Dell 2007WFP monitor?

The Dell 2007FP (normal 4x3) monitor was another thing altogether and was listed on a couple of sites as having two types of panel. Most of the posts referred to it when discussing panel types and the “Dell Lottery”. At the time I felt sure that the wide screen 2007WFP was sometimes being confused with the 2007FP when panel swaps were discussed. Now I know better!

I can’t see how I can send the monitor back. It has no pixel or backlight leakage problems, looks pretty good really, and Dell doesn’t specify panel types in their specs.
Guess I’m stuck with it!
Regards, Don.

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