What could they possibly put on the 40D...?

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Re: What could they possibly put on the 40D...?


For what it's worth I heard 40D:

  • Still 5 FPS - plenty anyway

  • Digic III - for lower noise and higher ISO 3200+ as well as better dynamic range (16 bits likely)

  • Better AF - more points and faster (courtesy Digic III)

  • Anti-Dust,

  • CMOS Sensor etc. Interestingly this was either an 'improved' version of the 10.1mp in the 400D or a 12mp one they were testing - but probably reserved for the 'next generation' (50D I guess)

  • Still 1.6 Crop

I also heard that Canon are going to split the 5D into two models to test our the demand for prosumer full frame without compromising demand for the 1.6 crop. There was going to be a smaller (closer to 30D size) and cheaper version of the 5D - same sensor, Digic III, wider AF points (given full frame) and probably Anti-Dust (some have suggested this as a 7D). And a upgraded 5D wiith a similar size to the current 5D but 16.2mp (or so) sensor ('very similar' to the 1Ds Mark II) and the samle Digic III, wider AF points, 5 FPS etc.

My source - who visited Canon Japan a couple of months ago (and gave me a very accurate preview of the 400D) said they basically had replacements for their full EOS range in the works and that 'everything would be replaced by February / March 2007'. He said Canon were very excited about the combinaiton of new sensors and Digic III giving better dynamic range and 'much better' high ISO performance.

Let's hope he is right

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