Summary of GPS solutions for D200/D2X

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Re: I think people should share their designs....

Hi P.,

Look at the post 'Here is my GPS solution' from 'txt' a little
higher in this thread. It's quite easy to use the software.

Ok, I will take a look

In my view it's way more practical to have the GPS off camera
constantly gathering the data.

Why? I think this is more pratctical, but it is just a feeling. Furthermore, the data I need doesn't have to be accurate for more than 10 - 20 meters, so the last digits are not necessary

BTW, can't your father come up with a solution? How hard can it be
if you know your way around electronics?

Yes he can and he will. It's just stupid he has to figure it out hilmself now. He could have used this time to improve things on existing diagrams.


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