Summary of GPS solutions for D200/D2X

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Re: I think people should share their designs....

Look at the post 'Here is my GPS solution' from 'txt' a little higher in this thread. It's quite easy to use the software. If you want the data in a NEF only one more step is necessary. The solution with a track log is more accurate than the present Nikon solution for Nikon does not use the last digit of the GPS data. I believe the coming firmware soves this.

In my view it's way more practical to have the GPS off camera constantly gathering the data.

Anyway I agree that it's a bit strange these guys think they will make a significant amount of money with their GPS solutions. If I would need a serious solution involving serious payment I'd choose a serious company like redhen and not a mom&pop store.

BTW, can't your father come up with a solution? How hard can it be if you know your way around electronics?

Vilda wrote:


I already spend too much time behind my pc, the solution you
suggest will work but I don't have a clue how to do this, unless by
typing all the data manually in the exif. I do this already, but is
a real pain in the err.. neck.

This little thing on top of my D2x is what I need. My clients do
want the gps-data coupled to the exif as I'm doing landscapes.

Furthremore, I ordered this MC35 or what its name in februari and
it is apparantly in backorder since the beginning of 2006 in Europe.

I don't understand, why is my question so difficult to answer? I'm
prepared to pay, to sign a contract not to give away the diagram
etc. etc...

Let me say I'm a bit dissapointed. The only one giving away his
stuff is a Belgian guy, like I am. Maybe we are more used to help
eachother out than people from other countries?


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