D2X shooter loves the D80! (flower pix)

Started Sep 15, 2006 | Discussions thread
Joe Braun
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Hi Walter

Make that comparison at iso 1600 where your shutter speed has to be
1/30 of a second and the F stop F2.0 and you will not say the D2X
is better. It's not even close.

Well in all fairness to the D2X, it was never intended to be a high-ISO camera (which is why it's HI-1, not ISO 1600). For what I do (high-res landscape/nature), shooting at ISO 100 whenever possible, I do prefer the images that come out of the D2X. Although I'm quite pleased at how close the D80 comes to that quality.

I also shoot poorly-lit indoor sports with a D2X at HI-1 (ISO 1600) with my 135 f/2 wide open, and I have gotten quite good results, although noise in the shadows was more than I would like. I am looking forward to seeing the D80 in the same situation, but that's a few months from now. Best, Joe
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