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Re: Why is a pancake lens a big deal?

The lens design is based on the Zeiss Tessar design developed at the turn of the 19th century. It is legendary for it's sharpness,compact size and (for it's day) high speed. The design is limited to about 2.8 at the 50mm focal length.

Nikon offered a pancake lens in it's 45GN Nikkor of the 60'S & 70'S. It was very sharp and offered the additional benefit having a mechanical link between it's aperture and focus ring. By setting the guide number of your flash on the lens the aperture would vary depending on the distance to the subject. A fabulous way for perfect flash exposure.
Nikon currently offers a very good 45 2.8 manula focus pancake lens.

In the seventies and early eighties a variety o manufacturers offered them in the race for compact slr kits. As a matter of fact Pop Photo declared the Konica 45 mm 2.8 the sharpest lens they had ever tested.

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