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Not fishy at all!!

After 30 years of semi-professional film photography (not full-time), I gave away about $12,000 worth of Pentax cameras, lenses and accessories. I hung it up, too.

Same reason. The constant quest for better equipment, better processing (just trying to find a lab that would do color correction even close to the original scene was a nightmare), custom printing at $40 per 8X10 and the endless lugging of heavy equipment everywhere I went.....

B&W was different for me - I controlled the darkroom, and the end-results were worth the sacrifices and cost.

I didn't come back until digital - started with a 480/320 little Casio thing and kept upgrading and buying as the resolution and quality improved. Now I'm back to approximately $10,000 with two bodies, and I can finally control the camera.

Now, the D200 is a fine camera indeed, but my little Sony DSC-H5 takes great pictures and is one very, very important thing: huge fun to use.

So I understand the OP very well. Been there, did that!

lsdec wrote:

Nice story but it sure seems far fetched. You sold $18k worth of
equipment because you were frustrated with the equipment that
happens to be Canon and you are posting on a Nikon forum? hmmm..

I gave up on cars because my Ferrari kept breaking down. But now
that I have a Honda now, I'm back driving again.

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