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Re: Fishy story

Brent DeShazer wrote:

lsdec wrote:

Nice story but it sure seems far fetched. You sold $18k worth of
equipment because you were frustrated with the equipment that
happens to be Canon and you are posting on a Nikon forum? hmmm..

No, I sold the equipment because I was tired of getting caught up
in the race to purchase the latest [insert accessory or lense
here]. My 5D frustrations were a minor contributing factor, I
mentioned them only because I was much more pleased with the D80 AF

I gave up on cars because my Ferrari kept breaking down. But now
that I have a Honda now, I'm back driving again.

You can check my history on the Fred Miranda Buy & Sell forum for
yourself, my nick there is "bdeshazer".

I wouldn't worry about trying to convince someone who thinks Canons are Ferraris and Nikons are Hondas. Waste of time.

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