if you had to do it all over again....

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if you had to do it all over again....

say all your equipment got stolen and you were starting from scrtach. what camera and "system" would you buy? would it still be a canon? nikon? which camera? what lenses?

just curious because i have seen so many posts about "upgrading" to diiferent camera or xxx company has this wish canon had it too, or i just bought this camera and now this other camera has more_ etc...

for me... i really like my canon gear that i have and im planning on purchasing the 5D when rebates are offered unless canon has some other similiar camrea out by then . however, if i was purchasing all over again i would be very tempted by the nikon d200 even with the banding issues it had. i dont know much about nikkor lenses though and canon is famous for their lens quality. its so hard to be happy with what we have nowadays because there is always something bigger, newer, faster, better being offered every other month.

last question for those who have used the 350D- how much superior is the AF on the 5D as compared to the 350D?

thanks sara

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