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Re: Fun with photography again - D80

novetan wrote:

Are you one of those golfers believing that a set of expensive golf
club will buy its score? Ok joke aside, with due respect, are you
buying equipment hoping that photography will become a fun thing

Well, I'm not a golfer, but I get your analogy and that's who I WAS. The point of the story is that I'm now buying just a basic DSLR and a single lens (the kit lens) and I'm not going to take things so seriously. When I was really enjoying photography as a hobby was back when I had my early equipment like the Canon Pro90is point-and-shoot and when I got my first DSLR, the D30 and the poorly-rated 70-300is lens which I had a blast with.

My point is your interest has to be above the hardware, regardless
how sophiticated the camera can be. My Casio has served me well
with a few prizes because of my interest, of course also I think
I'm a good photographer


Congratulations on your success and enjoyment. I looked at the FZ50 myself (along with several other super-zoom point-and-shoots like the Canon S3is) but decided it wasn't for me. It sounds like you knew from the beginning what it took me several years and a lot of $$$ to figure out. My post was intended to hopefully steer others towards your path and away from the expensive one that I took Also to let Canon die-hards know that it's ok to go to "the dark side"

Thanks for the reply!

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