Fun with photography again - D80

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Re: Fun with photography again - D80

Are you one of those golfers believing that a set of expensive golf club will buy its score? Ok joke aside, with due respect, are you buying equipment hoping that photography will become a fun thing again?

My history. I was into photography for almost 20 years started off with Nikon FE2. Won quite a few prizes. Then became interested in golf and all of a sudden my interest in photography took a dip. But didn't sell off equipment. Here and there, I still take some nice pictures during occassions. Then bought an idiot Casio EX-Z3 3.2 MP and owned it for almost 5 years. As my intested is still golfing, didn't want to upgrade because the digi cam is starting on an acceleration and I knew the model and technology will keep changing. I still won some prizes with the idiot Casio. Recently just purchase a panasonic FZ50 as I feel its quite "safe" to get a good one now and also my interest is return.

My point is your interest has to be above the hardware, regardless how sophiticated the camera can be. My Casio has served me well with a few prizes because of my interest, of course also I think I'm a good photographer


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