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Re: Pentax is really being idiotic

rander3127 wrote:

Tijean wrote:

rander3127 wrote:

Johnny in L.A. wrote:

Everything should be translated into 35mm film or full-frame camera
equivalent. That way, crop factor is a non-issue. Every photog
knows those numbers. Who wants to convert in his or her head every

It's a 2.4 PANCAKE(!!!) lens. The impressive thing isn't a 2.4
70mm. I own Pentax's 77mm/f1.8, 31mm/1.8, and 50mm/1.4. Pentax
makes faster lenses. But nobody makes a faster pancake lens. Wait,
does anyone else make a mild telephoto pancake period?

That part of it is somewhat impressive, if only because they
thought of making it, not the actual construction, which today's
low dispersion glass and molded aspherics makes much easier than in
the past.
BTW; Didn't Pentax (many years ago) make a 40mm pancake? (not the
recent one).

Yes they did. It is reported to be pretty good optically, but not nearly as good as the new 40mm pancake.

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OM50mm macro f3.5, OM135mmf2.8, OM100-200mmf5, OM300mmf4.5, SHLD-2,

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