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Re: Pentax is really being idiotic

rander3127 wrote:

Johnny in L.A. wrote:

Everything should be translated into 35mm film or full-frame camera
equivalent. That way, crop factor is a non-issue. Every photog
knows those numbers. Who wants to convert in his or her head every

It's a 2.4 PANCAKE(!!!) lens. The impressive thing isn't a 2.4 70mm. I own Pentax's 77mm/f1.8, 31mm/1.8, and 50mm/1.4. Pentax makes faster lenses. But nobody makes a faster pancake lens. Wait, does anyone else make a mild telephoto pancake period?

E-1, 14-45mm, 40-150mm, OM24mmf2.8, OM50mmf1.8,
OM50mm macro f3.5, OM135mmf2.8, OM100-200mmf5, OM300mmf4.5, SHLD-2,

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'This is easy for us Chinese...just look at the pictures, ignore
his comments in English...'

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