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Re: A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds

Andrew Booth wrote:

You are 100% correct in your rigid definition - but your strict use
of these terms isn't helpful for most folks trying to understand
what effect smaller sensor size will have on their pictures.

For someone coming from a full-frame 35mm film background (as most
do), the quotation of 'equivalent' focal length meaning the full
frame focal length with a matching FOV to the lens/digital sensor
combination is an extremely useful measure and is harmless!
Although this deviation from strict fact may irk you, you fail to
offer any equally simple or effective method with which a
non-expert could gain this understanding.

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I'd keep the actual 70mm focal length as a large figure on the lens

and have a smaller number to indicate it's "functional" focal length with the cropped sensor on the barrel as well. That fact is that 70mm IS the real lens focal length.
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