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Re: Pentax is really being idiotic

Johnny in L.A. wrote:

Everything should be translated into 35mm film or full-frame camera
equivalent. That way, crop factor is a non-issue. Every photog
knows those numbers. Who wants to convert in his or her head every

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People should understand that 35mm also (coincidentally) produced a near
1x magnification on film or a sensor. Because of this, a real 70mm "functions"

in terms of angle of view like a 105mm on a Pentax sensor. But it does not change the fact a 70mm is a 70mm is a 70mm. IF Pentax has re-designated this lens, then it's actual focal length (independent of sensor size) is about

46mm. And as the old designated "standard 35mm lens" f2.4 is nothing for it to brag about!
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