K100D hints power contacts in bayonet?

Started Aug 30, 2006 | Discussions thread
Stig Vidar Hovland Senior Member • Posts: 1,744
Re: No Powerzoom

Stig Vidar Hovland wrote:

Lance B wrote:

I don't think it will be Power Zoom AND USM. It will either allow
the use of the old Power Zooms OR the new USM DA lenses, NOT both
in the one lens. In otherwords, the new DA(maybe USM) lenses will
NOt have a Power ZOom function, only USM.

And we don't know nothing about these powerzoom contacts in the
K10D. Maybe it won't have them and neither powerzoom nor USM is an

As expected, the new K10D does not have support for powerzoom functionality, but it has suppert for in-lens motors.

Stig Vidar Hovland

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