K100D & K10D, shake reduction and 'foreign' optics.

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Re: Anyone w/K100D


RoscoT wrote:

Where in the menu do you enter FL for SR. Is it in the Fn menu or
the main menu? If the main menu, how deep do you need to dig to get
to the options?

It is on the main menu.
Two ways of getting there:

If you put a manual lens on the camera and turn on while the SR switch is "on"too, the screen will light up with the bar on wich you can choose focal length.

If a manual lens is mounted and the camera us swiitched on without SR engaged and, then engaged, the screen will stay black. Go to menu --> rec. mode --> scroll down to shake reduction and the SR focal lenght barr appears..

Only known Pentax focal lenghts are programmed. Will be a bit cumbersome with manual zooms I guess.

Also SR won't allow for changed FL due to use of a converter (If it is an AF converter). With AF converters no possibility of manually entering the FL. Would love to see that fixed in firmware update.

Terminal Stage LBA

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