K100D & K10D, shake reduction and 'foreign' optics.

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Re: K100D & K10D, shake reduction and 'foreign' optics.

Sweets wrote:

The specs from Steve's... stated:
'To provide shake reduction, the cam must know the focal lenght of
the lens in use. F, FA, D-FA and Da automatically relay this info
to the cam. ....K100D allows users to manually input focal lenght
via SR-menu....'
My conclusions in using foreign lenses (non-Pentax):
K10D SR won't work.

K100D SR only works with fixed focal length lenses.

Is it possible that my conclusions are richt ?

The K10D SR should work the same as the K100D SR - I suspect that as long as you manually input the focal length it will function with any lens, even a zoom if you use it at the FL you have set. As I don't have the K100D I can't test this. Anybody out there who can try a non-Pentax lens on a K100D and report the results?
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