Good film scanner?

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Re: Good film scanner?

The flatbed scanners from Epson use ICE (and have for many years) like you had on the LS-2000. Btw, the LS-2000 is supported on XP. Canon have FARE that give similar results (to ICE) on their high end flatbeds.

My Epson 4870 give comparable results to the LS-2000, but I still would rate the LS-2000 as (slightly) better. The scans from the 4870 need a lot more USM than the ones form LS-2000. Compared to a LS-5000 it's a bigger difference as you won't get 4000dpi real resolution from a flatbed.

4870 isn't the latest model, 4990 supposedly is sligtly better, and the V700/750 is significantly better (according to reviews on ).

Flatbeds certainly is a real alternative to a dedicated film scanner. You trade a bit image quality for convenince (like scanning up to 24/30 images in one batch).

linuxworks wrote:

do the flatbed scanners do the same IR dust removal tricks the
dedicated film scanners do?

I found that to be a show-stopper when I first tried a non-IR
capable film scanner. touching up scratches and dust was VERY time

and btw, I did say 'unless things have changed'. ok, so maybe they
have - but unless the flatbeds have that IR dust removal, it still
is NOT a proper replacement, imho.

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