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people in glass houses...

nick66davis wrote:

No speculation from me.....I'm too old to waste my precious time
making wild guesses about what the new camera will bring and when
it will arrive.


You're just the same as me and say the same things

Making such wish lists only leads to disappointment...

and you think that's what I was doing?

I was pondering why they'd made the 3rd version of the same lens but if you think I was speculating about 'something'... well it won't be the first time you've been wrong today.

It will however be be nice to see another addition to the so called
"limted range" of oly cameras and glass, but other than that I'm
not going to get wildly excited.

I'm sure whatever is announced will be interesting and innovative
in one way or another....i'll just wait patiently to see what

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