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Other cameras used with the S3

Walter S Matthews wrote:


However, outside in the sun the horses change color too fast for
the D80. It just doesn't handle the DR in the same league as the
S3. My wife shot the S3 along side of me for the formals in two
different weddings, outdoors, where I shot the D80. We were
shooting identical ISO, identical shutter speed and we were both
using the SB800 flash for fill. The bottom line is that in my shots
with the D80 about 1/3 of the shots had the dress blown or at least
so white that there was just not much detail left. This did not
happen to my wife's shots. Yes, I know, you say she is a better
photographer than I am,that may be true, but the fact remains, that
she does what I suggest for exposure and I am trying to do the same
thing with my D80 that she is doing with her S3 and it just won't
hold the highlights. It is certainly bettert than the D2X but
about the same as the D200 and clearly not adequate. Part of the
problem is that I have learned to skate very close to the edge with
the S3 because I can and with the D80 you just cannot get that
close. Next time I will dial in at least a minus .7 ev which
should cover the blown highlights but then again maybe not. I'll
have to drag my dummy and white wedding dress out to the back yard
to experiment some more.

Overall the D80 is a very nice camera, quick, responsive and with
good color. However, it ain't no S3 and when you are in bright
sunlight, you better reach for your S3.

Isn't this going to apply to any camera you use in conjunction with a S3?

You are going to need very different shooting parameters - sounds like it can cause a bit of change-around blues.

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