What about the Canon 30D?

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Re: Honest thoughts

zephxiiii wrote:

One thing though, my 10D's view finder a noticeably better than the
d50/d70s viewfinder, larger and brighter. I believe the 20d/30d
share the same viewfinder as i'm too lazy to actually compare specs
at the moment.

OK if you want to be honest why are you comparing the viewfinder of your 20D/30D to the viewfinder of the D50/D70? The two cameras being compaired is the 30D and the D80. As you maynot be aware the D80 hase the Same 0.94x Penta-Prism of the Nikon D200 and your 10D has a smaller 0.88x Penta-Prism and the 20D/30D has 0.9x Penta-Prism.

So in all honest on your point with the viewfinder was a little less honest and irrelavant arguement and as you said lazy.
Nick M

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