E-400 specs

Started Sep 11, 2006 | Discussions thread
EMale Senior Member • Posts: 2,863
A 14-42 lens?

.. as well as a 14-45 and 17.5-45!

If they built the 17.5-45 down to a price... so why do a 2nd 'built-down-to-a-price' kit lens (14-42) around the same focal lengths? The two are too similar, imho... and too close to the 3rd lens in that group, the 14-45.

They could have done it brighter than the earlier 'consumer' tier apertures.. something around f2.8-3.5 or maybe constant f2.8... but he said it was 'dinky', didn't he.

I'm just surprised they'd make 3 lenses that are broadly similar.

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