D70s Auto Focus Sensor Areas

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Consider a running cheetah ...

... BTW, these images are not mine - credit has been given to the websites they have been taken from.

If you want to track a running cheetah in AF-C (and maybe in continuous shot mode), and you prefer an off-center composition, then it's easier if you use, for example, the right AF bracket and have it placed on the cheetah's face:
(image taken from http://www.aafrican-safari.com/ )

On the other hand, if you wish for a centered composition, yup, you guessed it - use the center AF bracket while tracking the cheetah:
(taken from http://rwinslow.smugmug.com/gallery/1323266/1/63854140 )

I haven't shot running cheetah's before, but I use the off-center AF brackets all the time when I track the walking brides during wedding photography.

Hope this helps.

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Regards, David Chin

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