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Re: Fine arts vs BW vs rich contrast prints?

cuonghuutran wrote:

Dumb question. Is fine arts same as BW prints? If it is color, then
why fine art prints are not rich and contrast? Thanks.

Not a dumb question.

Fine art media and or prints are paper bases that should be pH neutral, made from organic materials and have a permanence worthy of gallery up to museum collections.

They don't have to be B&W and colour photography is fine too. These printers are all capable of making illustration and graphics just as well hence the polyvalence for what they call fine art.

Most papers for photo repro have a lot of plastic and synthetic components, optical brightener to make duller paper bases look brighter in light containing UV etc.

Today's pigment printers can and do produce quite rich colour and contrasty B&W . The limits are the surface diffusion of light on say matte media making the black depth a bit weak compared to a satin or gloss print.
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