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Re: D200x?

Historically, that's what Nikon has done.

The D50 uses the same sensor as the D70/D70s, yet the AA filter and color tuning is different.

The D70 was improved to the D70s.

The D2h became the D2hs.

The D80 uses nearly the same sensor as the D200, but it's also tuned differently with a different AA filter and fewer output pipelines, which I guess means lower noise at the expense of some speed.

So, yeah, I imagine there'll be a D200s at some point.


Thomas Karlmann wrote:

I would like to see Nikon come out with a D200-class camera that
incorporates the IQ of the D80 into a D200 body. (if all this
bears true)

Couldn't this happen? I keep thinking about the relatively
lame-duck transition from D70 to D70s.

Why not a slight alteration to the D200?

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