New home printer. Help! HP designjet 130 or HP 8190

Started Sep 10, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Kim van Heuven Forum Member • Posts: 88
New home printer. Help! HP designjet 130 or HP 8190

Hi all,

I'm into photography but until now I usually sent my pictures to an online print service or printed some draft print on my Canon i865. I'm thinking of buying a better quality printer to do most of the printing at home. I'm quite new in the market of higher quality "home" printers.

I've seen 2 printers that really interest me:

  • HP 8190

  • HP designjet 130.

The later has a big advantage with respect to the size of prints you can make. I have the following questions:

  • With respect to the print quality. Would the Hp 130 print quality be as good as the new HP 8190? (Print quality is much more important to me than speed (in case the print quality would be equal I might decide to take the model that can take the biggest paper)

  • I assume that the print cost (ink/paper) for the HP 130 would be significantly less than for the HP8190 correct?

Are there any other things I need to take into account when deciding which printer to take? Are there any other printers in this cost range that I just seriously consider? I believe the Epson 2400 allthough more expensive does not give better print results than the HP 8190?

Thanks for your input making my decision for my new home printer easier.



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