Very distressing wedding, other photographer

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Very distressing wedding, other photographer

In my contract I state that I am the Official Photographer and that not other photographers are allowed.

First time there was another pro type photographer shooting hundereds of pictures. The only place he did not show up was for the formal pictures.

At the reception he was every where getting the usuall shots with me.
If looks would of killed he would have been dead, but he did not get the hint.

I should have said something to him or the groom, bride about the situation.

I'm sure many there are all kinds of opinions on this, but it was the most distressing wedding I shot.
Everywhere I looked, in my way, etc.
I got me so upset it was very hard for me concentrate on what I had to do.

I need the freedom to move and not worry about some guy with a strobo frame, battery pack, acting as the official photographer.

I don't sell prints to guests, so that's not why it bothered me. I am giving the hi res photos in this package.

However I lost it with him when the family asked to take a very large group shot and there he was standing dead center right in the way.

I had a few words to him, after I tried very hard to contain myself, but at that point I lost it.

I am writing the bride and including a copy of the contract and telling her how I felt, and I'm sure that incident will cause me to lose business..

I could not sleep all night..

I don't my all the amateurs, with their point and shoot cameras, which for the most part know their place and are not out standing on the dance floor, and when they take theri shot you don't see them again..

any thoughts?

I have never had this happen before.

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