D80 noise tests (daylight)

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D80 noise tests (daylight)

I have posted a link to a set of noise test images from the D80. There are two sets of 9 images, 18 images in all, so I won't post them all in message.

Here is how they work:

  • 1st image in each sequence of 9 is ISO 100 control image

  • Next 4 are ISO 800 with in-camera High ISO Noise Reduction set to off, lo, normal, then high, respectively.

  • Last 4 in each set of 9 are ISO 1600 with in-camera High ISO Noise Reduction set to off, lo, normal, then high, respectively.

All shots are 100% crops, showing a piece of a flower, with NO post processing. Shot in reasonably bright daylight with D80, with Nikon 105 micro on tripod, no flash, same f/stop in all 18 to preserve DOF -- actual size is about 1/4 inch for the first structure, about 1/2 inch for the second.

Here's the link to the photos: http://www.pbase.com/luxun54/inbox&page=all

My initial impressions based on these shots are that...

  • Consistent with first reports from early users last week, so far I am seeing that D80 high ISO performance seems better than D70. Chroma noise seems less, but still lots of "grainy" noise at both ISO 800 and 1600 out-of-camera with noise reduction off.

  • In-camera "low" NR helps A LOT at ISO 800. But ISO 800 may be usable, which is exciting, as I never found it so on D70.

  • 1600 seems pretty tough -- "normal" NR helps a little, but you lose quite a bit of detail. "Hi" turns the images to mush. Still, there may be occasions when you can grab an ISO 1600 image, but I don't see a real breakthrough in usability at ISO 1600 so far.

I haven't yet tried tried comparisons with in-camera vs. post-processing noise reduction, or post-processing PLUS in-camera low.

Will be interested in others' views and experiences...

Here is ISO 800 with NR = "off" and "lo":

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