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Re: 400D with sensor cleaner and not 1D? Upgrade must be coming!


We have a winner!

Here's the info I've gotten from a high end pro dealer in Manhattan. His source is the same person who told me everything about the 5D except the name 3 months before the announcement.

Back in June the latest high end camera was shown to Canon distributors on schedule to be announced at Photokina.
In late July the same distributors were shown the 400.
Distributors flipped out.
Not in a good way.

Basically they collectively told Canon that releasing a sub $1000 camera with sensor cleaning and an almost $10,000 without would be the biggest PR mistake Canon ever made. Almost everyone would wait for the high end camera to be replaced with a version with sensor cleaning. Canon already had early prototypes of a version with the sensor cleaning technology so they made the decision to not go in to production of what was essentially just an update of the 1Ds Mk II and put the redesign on the front burner. The new camera will be announced when it is ready to go into production. Canon is hoping that it will be by the time PMA rolls around or sooner if things go smoothly. They still have to finalize the design and then retool the molds and dies. I've been told that Canon has made the 1Ds redesign the # 1 priority in the DSLR division.

Dave Smith

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