Preliminary report on D80

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Re: Preliminary report on D80

This is true of technology in general. How do you think Canon 20D or 30D owners feel about the Rebel XTi? Or D100 owners felt when the D70 came out? At least the D200 still uses compact flash.

Early adopters always pay a premium to be an early adopter. At this stage, there's no reason why dSLRs won't eventually go down to near the same price as their film counterparts. Even the least expensive dSLR now performs in ways that are better than pro film SLRs of just a few years ago, in buffer size, frame rates, flash sync, etc. Seems to me that dSLRs don't need shutters that flash sync at high speeds, since the sensors could do that, and that would drive the cost of shutters down. Likewise, there's no need for a film transport mechanism and those motors. There's no need for hinged doors and light sealing issues. So, those cost savings can be applied to the sensor and electronics.

Makes me wonder what's just around the corner for cameras....


Isidore wrote:

Thank you Walter for your report. This is certainly very
interesting and ups the ante in the competition.

But as an independent observer I can only imagine how the D80 makes
the current D200 owners feel with the latter selling at nearly
twice the price of the D80 and effectively offering the same kind
of photographic results.
Nikon seems to be cannibalizing their products (as they should)
fast enough to stay in the game and keep buyers buying. Has anyone
heard of D70 or D70s of recent? Less than 2 years ago, it was the
talk of the town.


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