Preliminary report on D80

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Re: Preliminary report on D80

I shot a wedding today in a very large Catholic church where I have shot weddings three other times. I actually purchased the Canon 5D because of the first wedding I shot there and although I never really liked the colors from the Canon, it did give me noise free shots at 1600 and allowed me to shoot the service without Flash which is required as Flash is not allowed during the ceremony.

I did try the Nikon D50 and found it to be better than the D200 at iso 1600 but there were too many things missing on the D50.

Today I shot the D80....

All I can say is wow.

Iso 1600 and Nikon 35mm F2.0, 85mm F2.0 and finally Nikon 18-55 F2.8.

All worked nicely and gave nicely saturated, properly colored images. There is some noise but clearly not enough to worry about. The shots are beautifully colorful, clean and crisp. All of them were shot hand held with no flash. I had so much luck with the D80 that I kept it in my hands for the prelinminary coctail party before the reception. Rather than use flash, which I almost always do, I fired away with no flash and the exposure conditions were tungsten light, iso 1600, F2.8 on the 18-55 Nikon lens and again, absolutely beautiful images.

I can't express how impressed and happy I am with the result.

Nikon has finally built a camera that is more useful for what I want it to do than the Canon. The Nikon images are just beautiful.'s just altogether too easy to shoot low light with the D80.

I will post a few on Monday as I have two more to go this weekend and need to get some sleep.

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