Small Airshows Can Be Big Fun...

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here is part of an email answering a very similar question;

Nikon 28 -200 mm f3.5 –f5.6 G(IF) & Nikon 70 -300 f4 –f 5.6G which is the best lens to use and should I use S mode at fast speed and single metering ,we have good weather with no clouds at all .

I have a Nikon D50

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work


Hi Noel. That looks like a great airshow. I used a 70-300 before I bought the Sigma 50-500mm. I think the 28-200mm might be a little short unless they fly very close, or they are formation flying with several planes. I think the 70-300 is a good lens.

Single metering is good, and using S mode is correct. But make sure for propeller airplanes you shoot at 1/400 or less. Mine were all at 1/320, except for the high RPM stunt planes.

The trick is to try to not shake while your at 250-300mm and using 1/320! Bombers from WWII I use 1/250.

Jets just use as high of a shutter speed as you can. If you lens is it's sharpest at say F8, then see what the shutter speed is. If it's sunny, you should easily be at 1/800 or better. I use both AF-S, and AF-C for focus modes...I tend to like the continuous focus mode a little better. Try to anticipate where the planes are going to be doing their routines (ask someone who's looks like they have been there before), and grab a good spot.
Post some should get some keepers with the 70-300mm! Good Luck....


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