Raid-0 on external harddisk. How. Help!!!

Started Sep 7, 2006 | Discussions thread
OP Kim van Heuven Forum Member • Posts: 86
Re: Raid-0 on external harddisk. How. Help!!!

Uwe and others,

I really like the G-tech harddrives, actually I do think their design is superior to the Lacie (my own opinion) but as you said, they are quite expensive too. The Caldigit looks excellent too but most likely to expensive too and is difficult to find in Europe (haven't found a online shop yet). The I like the idea of the Pleiades case and buy a separate harddisk myself. The design of the case is nice and also the possibility of buying a eSATA express card for my macbook pro in future.

Do you however know if the Pleiades also features an auto-shutdown like the Lacie drives have? I find that a pretty handy thing.



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