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Thanks for all these insights and info on the R2 rumor mill. They are useful to me. I've sold all my previous Canon photo gear (long story), bought a cheapo Canon P&S and just couldn't get used to the crappy image quality. I don't have the cash to buy all pro or semi-pro gear again, so the R1 was a logical choice. All in one, not too expensive and good quality pics. What more can you ask... well, a few things that have already been mentionned and that would be nice to see in an R2... hence, my original question in this post.

Interesting reading.

Marc P.

Jim Rucker wrote:

Tipit008, the one who I was responding to originally, asked about
the future of the R1 and asked about the rumor mill regarding it's
future. The thoughts of the previous couple hundred posts regarding
this subject, which included what many had heard from retail
outlets, photo stores, etc. regarding the future of the R1 are
certainly relevant to what he was asking. He was asking purely
about if there were any rumors. Rumors are just that, not
necessarily based on any fact whatsover. Of course they don't carry
a lot of weight, but maybe some. Let's leave it up to Tipit008 to
determine if he found it useful. That was who I was responding to.

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