D80-my first impressions

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Re: D80-my first impressions

Yeah, I never really checked out the 400D Xti KISS Rebel or whatever the hell they call it. I'd been researching DSLRs for a few months, so I'd already seen the 350 and I didn't much care for it. I don't remember all the reasons, but I do recall it feeling cheap and fragile. From what I read, the 400DXtiKISSRebel is just a higher mp version with a few other features thrown in, so I wasn't much interested.

The 30D was better, but like the D200, was way more than I wanted to spend. I was looking more seriously at the D50 and the D70s, but the D50 seemed a little too "stripped down" in terms of controls and features, while the D70s seemed too bulky. I remember admiring a D200 at the strong urging of a friend, and being impressed by the viewfinder (compared to all the other DSLRs) and it's overall build quality and features. I thought it was a marvelous piece of machinery that I would never want to actually lug around with me.

What I was looking for was something like the D70s with the D200 viewfinder that was the size of the D50. With the D80, Nikon hit a sweet spot for me at just the right time.

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