D80-my first impressions

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Re: D80-my first impressions

I just got my D80 from local circuit city. I saw they also XTi boxes locked in the cage under the counter. Neither D80 or XTi are on display. I didn't even ask about XTi because I know I won't like the small size of XTi having owned XT before.

critterbug wrote:

Thanks for posting your impressions.

Ive had such a hard time deciding between XTi and D80. I was set
to go XTi, but that small viewfinder keeps bothering me. And you
think the D80 viewfinder is small!

Heading down to BB to check out the D80 in more detail, and compare
viewfinders again. If I could design my own cross breed camera out
of featues the D80 and XTi have that would ROCK! Oh well, no
product is ever perfect.

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